5 Mistakes Most Businesses make that cost them growth😭

1. You have no strategy in place
You have to plan how your business can move from point A to the other.

2. You’re running a NO competitive business – You feel no one is dragging with you.
If there’s no competition at all, then it shows that such a business isn’t profitable. Of course, do you expect people to fold their hands, see a profitable business idea and not start it? Think about this.

3. You’re targeting the wrong audience
Never make an assumption about who your audience is. Make use of thorough research to know who your target audience is. FB audience insight is one such research you can conduct.

4. You aren’t scaling your business
A considerably high percentage of the profit you make should be put back into your business. Either through paid ads, building systems, hire agencies like CX digitals, you must be able to generate results from every profit you make.

5. You’re not tracking what works and what doesn’t
Be it an ads campaign, your website copy, your email content, and social media content, there’s a need to know what actually works and brings more results than you make effective use of it. We hope you find this helpful.