Buyer Personas: Why you need it and the benefits for your business

Your customers have expectations

The ultimate goal of any business, including your business, is to gain customers. These customers are who build your brands, use your product, become your evangelists, and of course, give you money.

But how do you gain or appeal to customers if you don’t know what they like, where they are, or how they live? 

You have probably heard what they say about pouring water into a basket! That’s putting in so much effort with zero results. I am sure you don’t want that – I don’t either. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for a bite, creating buyer personas for your product is one of the most effective ways to increase your customer pool while decreasing the risks of making uninformed decisions. Imagine the chaos of either creating the wrong type of products for the right audience or the right type of products for the wrong audience. You can think of what this will lead to, can’t you? Yes- frustration!

This is where a buyer persona comes in. A buyer persona can be said to be a fictional and generalized representation of your ideal customer. Although a buyer persona is an ideal customer representation, it represents very real people (your customers). It’s a detailed outline of who exactly is the person researching, considering, buying, and experiencing while using and sharing your product. The most potent buyer personas are drawn upon market research together with the insights you have gathered from your actual customer base. Below, I will show you 5 top reasons why you need to make an ideal buyer persona for your business

1.     Specificity: You’re specific with your chosen audience

Many times, businesses tend to just cast a wide net and hope for a bite. However, this marketing style would not help a growing business because you are doing your marketing to a large audience, some of whom might see your outreach as irrelevant. In the same vein, others who actually want to buy your product might see no need to buy because your marketing is neither specifically directed to them nor do they feel addressed by your offerings. Mapping out your buyer, trying to live in his head, and knowing his likes and dislikes would help you market to the right buyers at an extremely low cost. This in turn reduces stress on your part and gives you more profit.

2.    Identity: You’re able to identify your customers and understand them very well

If you understand how your customers think, you will surely know how to approach them and sell to them. For example, if after completely doing your research and survey on a particular customer type, you get to know they like more Ferrari products than Lamborghini, you as a car dealer will understand and make an informed decision of advertising and showing them more Ferrari products. Knowing your customer well will help you sell your product faster, get appreciated, and make a good profit.

3.    You hit the nail on the head: It increases your efficiency and performance

With a buyer persona, you will perfectly hit your targeted customer without wasting any more time. You will save both time and money, and in any business today, time and money are just as important as the business itself. Saving enough of these two leads to higher productivity, leaving enough room for other equally important tasks.

4.    There is no rejection, just another time

When you know your customers’ point of view, you live in their heads. You will always know when your customer wants to say no, and before they say it, you will have prepared ahead of them and have a counter plan for that particular rejection.

5.    You save yourself the stress and filter off the wrong audience

A buyer persona helps you filter off negative customers. Sometimes, we see come customers as perfect for our business, whereas they are not going to help our businesses grow. With the use of a buyer persona, you wouldn’t spend time and money marketing to the wrong customers and this, in turn, can make you obtain maximum profit while saving you stress.

The list can continue, but I will stop here for now and come back with another important aspect of your business you should not leave out creating a buyer’s journey. In the meantime, start directing your product to the right audience by working on the few tips you’ve learned here, and applying them to your business. You will be amazed at the results you’ll get – if you play your cards right! Should you need help with creating an ideal persona for your business, feel free to reach out. I’m glad to be of help😊