Possible Errors that Make Your Customers Leave Your Business

One of the main advantages of working with customers is the fact that one can form good relationships with them by offering them quality service to make them repeat customers and even more, evangelists and promoters. Still, many times these customers churn (stop doing business with you by unsubscribing from your email list or refusing to respond to your messages) due to possible errors that we make during our sales and marketing operations. In this blog, I will be highlighting some mistakes or reasons that make your customers leave your business, as well as helpful suggestions that will help you prevent or reduce churning.

Pricing Sometimes we do not set our pricing based on the asking price of the market. Pricing lower than the market price might make business-oriented leads see your business as a scam and immediately leave the business while pricing higher than the market price would give your competitors an edge over you, and make potential buyers leave the business. The best way to set your pricing is to optimise your price with the service you offer and try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Ask yourself questions like “would I pay the price if I was offered the same service I am offering?”, “is my pricing up to the standard of my ideal customer profile?”, among others. Appropriate pricing can reduce your churn rate.

Poor Services: Offering quality service to prospective leads and target audiences can also help you reduce the churn rate. High-quality services help retain customers and even make them become your evangelists. One good thing about having a customer become a repeat customer and evangelist is that you will enjoy a cheaper marketing budget as you spend less on acquiring new leads. You also save your marketing team some time as they would not need to keep spending so much time nurturing repeated customers and evangelists, and the sales team would not need to spend more time explaining your business because the customer already knows all of that. Offering quality services is one of the best ways to reduce your church rate and increase your relationship with your customers.

Marketing to the wrong leads: This cannot be overemphasised. Not having an ideal customer profile you follow while running your marketing campaigns and randomly creating content will most likely fetch you the wrong leads. Engaging with this type of lead may be a total waste of your resources, as they will later realize that the services you offer do not meet their needs. As a result, many of them will do the needful by unsubscribing from your newsletters or leaving your business completely. The best solution for this is to create an ideal customer profile and buyer persona that will help you understand who your ideal audience is. Understanding who your target buyers are will save you time, money and energy, which you can invest in other profitable things.

Bad customer service and relationship: Today, customers are king, and they want to be treated as such! Identifying your customers’ jobs to be done and helping them do it will not only make them like you more but also trust you. Likewise, many customers want to communicate with your business and have their questions answered or problems solved. This is why you need to discover your touchpoints and improve on them. Altogether, they can help you reduce your churn rate and generate much more revenue.

Aggressive sales strategy: Sending constant and often unsolicited messages to your customers can irritate them. Too many marketing emails and sales calls might turn out to be a disturbance to your prospects and customers. Your presence should be helpful, and not a burden to any of your customers.

With these, I hope you are better informed to prevent customer churn by looking out for warning signs and being diligent and proactive. Nevertheless, if a customer churns, try asking questions to understand their reasons for leaving. Sometimes, you’re not doing anything wrong. The customer’s time is just up or they just no longer require your services.